Attorney & Budget Officer

Village Attorney

The Village Attorney is a retained consultant to the Village. They perform the duties required of him or her by law and the provisions of the Village Code, and as he or she may be directed to perform by the Mayor and Board of Trustees. 

The Village Attorney acts as legal advisor for the Village.  It is the duty of the Village Attorney to draw ordinances, contracts, and other legal documents for the Village when so required by the Board of Trustees, or any committee thereof.


Village Budget Officer

The Village Budget Officer is appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. He or She compiles the annual budget, helps Village Officers and boards with all forms of fiscal management, examines all financial books and records for the Village and boards, and maintains the Village budget to insure that no expenditures are made except as authorized by the budget.

Contact Info

Josh Dubbbelde

Rick Laskowski
Budget Officer