Community Development

The Community Development Committee Studies and recommends methods of community development, both residential and commercial. Develops long-range and short-range comprehensive plans for Board of Trustee consideration. Studies existing ordinances and new ordinances under consideration, recommending specific wording and/or modification. Recommends periodic recodification to maintain currency of the Village Code. Provides general oversight for community activities and events sponsored by the Village for the enhancement of the community at large and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

In addition, this important committee ensures construction and development activities comply with the following:

  • Latest building codes
  • Village’s Land Development Code, and
  • Village's Comprehensive Plan
  • All the while maintaining enforcement of village ordinances and regulations

The Board of Trustees is committed to making our community an even better place for its residents to live and enjoy life. By funding community and economic development projects, we strive to honor our past, celebrate today and plan for our future.