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Recycling Trailer Guidlines


The Macon County Environmental Management Department has received several phone calls regarding items being put in the recycling drop off trailers that are not permitted. Tires, scrap wood, and glass are just a few of the items that were mentioned. When items such as these are deposited in the trailer with the rest of the recyclables the entire load becomes contaminated, then likely must be taken to the landfill instead of being recycled. The Village of Harristown pays for this service for all our residents. When the trailer must be emptied at the landfill it is wasting Village money. Please remember to use the recycling trailer responsibly and only add items that can be accepted.

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Wednesdays storytime at Harristown Village hall


Barclay Library is having Storytime at Harristown Village Hall every Wednesday at 10:30 am for 0-5 years old (Older siblings welcome). Starting January 4th. No registration is required. 

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