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Battery Recycling


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Do you have a drawer full of corroded AAs, an assortment of button-cell batteries, spent batteries or any other batteries that are not usable anymore? Do you want to spare your-spent batteries from the trash can (where they could potentially catch fire or explode) and keep them out of the landfill (where they could leach harmful chemicals into local ecosystems), but not sure how to recycle them?
Macon County Community Environmental Council is offering the opportunity to provide designated drop-off sites for battery recycling. It does not cost anything by recycling these batteries. You are helping the environment by keeping heavy metals out of landfills and the air and recycling saves resources because recovered plastic and metals can be used to make new batteries.
Two recycling locations are available in Macon County. One is located in the lobby of the Decatur Public Library at 130 N Franklin St and the other location is at the Mt. Zion District Library at 115 W Main St, Mt Zion. Bring your batteries to these locations and place them in the container. It’s that easy!!! If you have further questions, contact Marge Evans at mmedec@aol.com.